The Vaults is a revolutionary and innovative commercial storage concept. Located in cities across Alberta and British Columbia, The Vaults provides an opportunity for patrons to work, entertain, relax, store, and showcase their collections of automobiles, boats, RVs, electronics, and other toys in luxurious, secure storage facilities. The Vaults is elevating commercial storage to embrace the lifestyle requirements of the discerning customer. 

Custom Luxury Defined

Bozena Interior Design Inc. is thrilled to be partnering with The Vaults to create completely customized, functional spaces for clients to work and play. The unique opportunity presented by this partnership is challenging our creativity and letting us flex our design muscles to personalize standardized spaces to meet the needs and match the personalities of each individual client.

Much like a typical design school assignment, each storage unit is a box; a blank canvas calling for unique aesthetics and design solutions. We are charged with understanding the client’s distinctive requirements to accommodate their equipment and gear in a space that allows for entertaining, recreation, fitness, and work. We strive to imbue a luxurious and exceptional flavour truly reflective of their tastes and lifestyle. 

This is an exciting collaboration for our team, and as with every project, we are thorough and thoughtful in our approach, striving to deliver an elevated product that aligns with our client’s vision and that exceeds their expectations.


Innovation and Passion

Innovation and Passion

Bozena Interior Design is a boutique design studio offering innovation and efficiency. We are passionate about what we do and promise transparency and integrity to our customers in Alberta and British Columbia. We create amazing interiors for residential and commercial that showcase our talent and experience as we realize each client’s dreams.

Connected for Beautiful Design

We create spaces that connect people to place. We value function, purpose, and process. We connect with our clients to gain insight into their goals and visions for their space. We design thoughtful, effective spaces that reflect the beauty of function. Connect with our team at (403) 862-5557 to design your best space.

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