Health Care

Health Care

Form and function collide when designing for medical and wellness spaces. The patient experience is of utmost importance, informing the aesthetics of the design. But underneath, the function of the clinic influences patient satisfaction and the ability of staff to provide quality medical care. This foundation of function is what will support the health and wellness of patients and what will facilitate a standard of service and protect your employees.

Bozena Interior Design Inc. will ensure that the plan for your clinic is efficient, thorough, and progressive and we will oversee the strategy from concept through completion adhering to every process and protocol.

Healthy Spaces

Function and perception are key to designing welcoming and comfortable wellness spaces.

Function means: A focus on programming. This is the acquisition and analysis of information. This process informs the solution for functionality in the wellness space. We need to know what equipment you need to accommodate, what services you perform and how they are best executed, what requirements you have for patient management. We need to understand the building codes and safety standards necessary for you to function safely and effectively. We will also consider your vision for growth: of your workforce, of your patient roster, your services, and how your business will evolve in the years to come. 

Perception means:  A focus on your patients; how will they experience your space and how it will influence their perception of care. Did you know that how a patient regards the waiting area can impact their judgment of the quality of the service they receive? Conveying a sense of calm, privacy, health, and cleanliness will elevate the patient experience. Your space needs to communicate that your team is competent and capable and that your patient is in a safe and nurturing place.

The most thorough design will also consider your staff. It will create spaces that function seamlessly and provide an environment where your employees can deliver a quality of care that sets your clinic apart.

We will strive to provide thoughtful and innovative solutions to layout and care delivery with multifunctional areas, intelligent treatment spaces, secure storage, and practical fixtures and furnishings.

Innovation and Passion

Innovation and Passion

Bozena Interior Design is a boutique design studio offering innovation and efficiency. We are passionate about what we do and promise transparency and integrity to our customers in Alberta and British Columbia. We create amazing interiors for residential and commercial that showcase our talent and experience as we realize each client’s dreams.

Connected for Beautiful Design

We create spaces that connect people to place. We value function, purpose, and process. We connect with our clients to gain insight into their goals and visions for their space. We design thoughtful, effective spaces that reflect the beauty of function. Connect with our team at (403) 862-5557 to design your best space.

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